Welcome to the World Game

Congratulations for stepping up and playing the 2018 World Game!

On this page, you will find all you need to know, to get started in the World Game. It’s also a place where you can find all of the World Game rankings to see who is leading the game each month. You can find the World Game events, the latest news and all our top tips for playing the game! You can come back to this page, at any time during the 6 months game between 10th June and 10th December!

Check out this welcome video from our founder Roger James Hamilton

Let’s Play!

Here are your first 4 key steps now you have enrolled to play The World Game. You will notice you have got a World Game badge on your profile which looks like this

If you don’t see this badge on your profile yet, it’s probably because you haven’t registered to play The World Game yet. You can click below to start the 10X Your Impact Microdegree and you will automatically receive your game players badge!

1. Join the World Game Circle and contribute to the Stream

Click here to join the World Game Circle

Once you have joined, you can then introduce yourself to your fellow Mentors in the circle stream. You can come back to the Circle each day to stay connected with your fellow Game Players and to share your top tips and successes!

2. Discover your Purpose by taking the Purpose Test

You can take the Purpose test today and discover which of the 17 United Nations Global Goals you are most closely aligned to!

Click here to take the test

3. Begin the 10X Your Impact Microdegree

Next you can begin the 10X Your Impact Microdegree This 14 step training will take you from setting your income and impact goals for the next 6 months, right through the 6 levels of the Impact Meter to grow your business and grow your flow. It will also show you how to Play The Game and get you set up for success in 10x your growth during these next 6 months.

Click here to go straight to the first step!

4. Begin to Play the Game!

Now you are ready to start to Play the World Game with us! Every time you take an action on GeniusU - eg, connect with someone new, learn something on one of the microdegrees, take action by joining a circle, attend an event or respond to an opportunity etc - as a World Game player you will be rewarded with Genius Dollars!

Click here to make your first impact!

There are a number of ways for you to be able to win each month!

Each month we will set different criteria for the rankings leaderboard and we will be giving out over $100,000 in prizes during the game! You could win by earning the most Genius Dollars, giving the most impacts, making the most improvement between rounds, having the most effective circle, introducing the most people to the world game etc.

The most Genius Dollars accumulated in the month

If you click onto your mentor dashboard, you will see that now you have joined the World Game and you now have a Genius Dollars account on GeniusU. You can earn Genius Dollars through both your activity and your earnings on GeniusU. The more Genius Dollars you accumulate, the more chance you have of winning the overall World Game!

The mission of Genius Dollars is to create a global currency that we can trade between entrepreneurs, free of local government restrictions or bank charges. From 2019 you will be able to trade your Genius Dollars for products, events and investments on GeniusU, so the more you earn during the game, the more you will have in the bank!

From month to month during the World Game, there will be awards for the World Game players and circles. Sometimes these awards will be for those that achieve the highest volume of Genius Dollars in a round and they can be awarded individually and to the circle leaders, so make sure you are checking back each day and taking action!

The highest number of B1G1 impacts given in the month

You will also see on your mentor dashboard that you now have a Giving Impacts account on GeniusU. Giving Impacts are measured in partnership with Buy1Give1, directly supporting selected charities linked to the 17 United Nations Global Goals.

You increase your giving impacts by linking your impacts to your transactions and making contributions on GeniusU to your chosen cause. The contributions you make and giving impacts you fund will be measured on your GeniusU account.

From month to month during the World Game, there will be awards for the World Game players and circles. Sometimes these awards will be for those that achieve the highest volume of Giving impacts in a round and they can be awarded individually and to the circle leaders, so make sure you are checking back each day and taking action!

click here to make your first impact!

The World Game Rankings

Click here at any time to see the live World Game Rankings page where you can see which individuals and circles are creating the most Genius Dollars and impacts for this month!

What’s included in The World Game, at each level

As a member playing The World Game you can contribute in to the game in many ways, by joining in circles, adding to the streams, connecting with others, completing microdegrees and attending events etc and by completing the 10X Your Impact Microdegree for free.

At any time during The World Game, if you want to contribute in a higher level you can step up to the next level.

As a Leader on GeniusU you can actually earn revenue from GeniusU as one of our affiliate partners. You can promote all of the products and services, on the GeniusU webstore to your friends and clients to earn you both US dollars and also Genius dollars.

You can also set up your own private circles and events which you can use with your team and clients. Each month we run a special leader training webinar where we show you how to market your business more effectively, how do you build your online presence and create your products in the most effective way!

As a Mentor on GeniusU you are now at the top level. You can do all of the things that a member and a leader can but now you are also invited to a weekly training which is run with Roger James Hamilton and his leadership team where they are sharing top strategies to maximise your growth and how to build your community and revenues.

You can create your own microdegrees on GeniusU, set up circles that are searchable and trackable by all 800,000 members. You are also found on our list of recommended mentors and can be helping to direct mentor others through the microdegrees. You can also upgrade really easily into any of our partner certifications which will add $10-25k of revenues each year to your business.